Heel Stoppers

Heel Stoppers
Heel stoppers are the perfect shoe accessory for outdoor brides. Popular for garden weddings, unstable grounds or race time; these heel caps ensure you stay on your feet, out of the grass and protect your gorgeous heels from the destruction of walking outdoors in heels.

Available in 3 sizes, please ensure you measure the width of your heel when making a selection.

Petite - Fits heel widths of 0.5cm to 0.7cm
Small - Fits heel widths of 0.8cm to 1.2cm
Medium - Fits heel widths of 1.3cm to 1.6cm

When ordering heel stoppers at the same time as your bridal shoes please select any size. We will ensure the correct size are sent with your bridal shoes.

You will not be charged shipping for heel stoppers included with an order. We will deduct on processing.
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